Invest Abroad

In 2016, France was the six largest contributor to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the United States. The U.S. government has programs which are created to continue this trend and facilitate further investment. See the website below for information on the services provided by these programs.


French-American Chamber of Commerce

The French-American Chamber of Commerce is the primary contact for personalized assistance in investing in the Gulf Coast region. See below for contact information.

French American Chamber of Commerce - Gulf Coast Chapter
P.O. Box 57255
New Orleans, LA 70157-7255
Phone: 504-458-3528

U.S. Department of Commerce

For further assistance, feel free to contact the staff representing each Gulf Coast state’s U.S. Department of Commerce representatives.


Birmingham U.S. Export Assistance Center
950 22nd Street North, Suite 773
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Phone: 205-731-1331
Fax: 205-731-0076

Birmingham Contacts

Director & Senior International Trade Specialist
Robert Stackpole
Phone: 205-731-1333

International Trade Specialist
William Toerpe
Phone: 205-731-1333



New Orleans U.S. Export Assistance Center Suite 419, U.S. Custom House
423 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA  70130
Phone: (504) 589-6546
Fax: (504) 589-2337

New Orleans Staff

Erin Butler
Phone: 504-589-6530

Manoj Desai
Commercial Officer
Phone: 504-589-6702

John Henry Jackson
International Trade Specialist
Phone: 504-589-6549

Reginald Harley
SBA International Finance Specialist
Phone: 504-589-6730


Mississippi U.S. Export Assistance Center
1230 Raymond Road, Box 600
Jackson, MS 39204
Phone: 601-373-0773
Fax: 601-373-0959

Mississippi Contacts

Ms. Carol Moore, Director
Phone: (601) 373-0773

Mr. Glenn Ferreri, International Trade Specialist
Phone: (601) 373-0849