Marketing Services

Trade Development

In order to support French companies in their endeavors to find new clients in the Gulf Coast, the French American Chamber of Commerce - Gulf Coast Chapter (FACC-GC) offers several services to its members:

  • Companies Listing

    We can provide your company with a list of targeted potential partners in Louisiana, Mississippi and southern Alabama.

  • Working the Market

    We can introduce your product to potential buyers to survey their reaction and comments from a questionnaire or mailing defined by both your company and FACC-GC. 

  • Business Matchmaking

    After having evaluated your needs, we may be able to identify companies, distributors, and buyers, and select those that match your needs. The FACC-GC then organizes an agenda of meetings, with 2 to 3 appointments per day over a period of 2 to 5 days.

Market Research

In order for your company to confirm the opportunity of a trade or investment project in the Gulf Coast, the FACC-GC can assist you in finding affordable ways to study the market.

Market Research

We list useful information and addresses about business in the Gulf Coast, provide statistics, key data and market trends, show the different organizations in the distribution network, list your potential competitors, rules and norms, and identify your potential partners in the Gulf Coast. 

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